2019 Platte River Charity Shoot Results

Individual Competition

Lewis Class AA

1st Place: Griff Latter
2nd Place: Chris Westover
3rd Place: Robin Irvine
4th Place: Mason Weller
5th Place: Hunter Seacrest
6th Place: Jeff Proctor
7th Place: Riley Ross
8th Place: Rick Hoffman

Lewis Class A

1st Place: Anslee Langrehr
2nd Place: Larry Badura
3rd Place: Marty Beyer
4th Place: Brayden Weller
5th Place: Dennis Harder
6th Place: Jeff Wemberly
7th Place: John Hoffman
8th Place: Justin Imler

Lewis Class B

1st Place: Maurice Grudzinski
2nd Place: Michael Brisby
3rd Place: Toby Nelson
4th Place: Tim Ross
5th Place: Calvan Weise
6th Place: David Schneider
7th Place: Brad Vonderoke
8th Place: Tice Forgy

Lewis Class C

1st Place: Ray Taylor
2nd Place: Tyler Fitzke
3rd Place: Nolan Charron
4th Place: James Messing
5th Place: John Quandt
6th Place: Mark Shurburne
7th Place: David Startain
8th Place: Faith Simon

Corporate / 3 Person Competition

1st Place: Kelly Supply
Marv Schweitzer, Rick Hoffman & Marty Beyer
2nd Place: Chief Construction
Russ Canfield, Dennis Harder & Ken Hoban
3rd Place: Hornady 3
Chad Clayton, Jimmy Messing & Logan Buhrman

Youth/Adult Competition

1st Place: Parker Sargent / Colby Mitchell
2nd Place: Mason Weller / Riley Ross
3rd Place: Cort West / Dave Stunkel

Youth Scholarship Winners

Lewis Class AA

1st Place: Parker Sargent – $1.000
2nd Place: Cort West – $750
3rd Place: Brayden Weller – $500
4th Place: Mason Weller – $250

Lewis Class A

1st Place: Cesar Ramos – $1.000
2nd Place: Olivia Sargent – $750
3rd Place: Jonathon Howard – $500
4th Place: Michael Hamik – $250

Raffle Prize Winners

General Raffle Winners

Cheek Pad: Ron McBride
Ammo Can & Shotgun Cleaning Kit: Teresa Lackin
Shooting Range Box: Bianca Brunson
Target: Pat Resser
Big & J Bag of Deer Feed: Darrell Colby
$50 Tommy Gunz Gift Card: Brad Forney
$50 Tommy Gunz Gift Card: Hunter Ruth
Amazon Show 5: Gene Penrose
$100 Omaha Steaks Gift Cards: Debbie Dorn
Contixo F22 Drone & Memory Card: Jeff Wimberly
Husker Tickets: John Stilley
$250 PrePaid Visa Gift Card: Pam Doty
DeeBot 500 Robotic Vacuum: Kevin Harris
Ring Video Doorbell 2 & Echo Dot: Kent Wells
55″ Smart TV: Lacey Bonner
$500 PrePaid Visa Gift Card: Sonya Poland

Youth Lifetime Hunting Permit:

Devin Zerr

Side Events

The Judge:

Justin Imler

Honcho Challenge:

Ryan Malcom

Thank You To Our Generous Event Sponsors:

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Stay up-to-date on the latest event information: